Can't access microSD slot

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May 14th, 2018, 11:56 am

Originally had trouble keeping within 32GB HD capacity so set up a 64GB microSD card as a Portable Drive, with broswers etc running there in their portable versions. Seemed fine until a Win10 update did not seem to recognise Portable Drive, and I ended up reloading with a fresh Win10 start.

Good news is that I have found the disc cleanup function in Local disk (C:) properties, including Clean up system files, now successfully clears GBs of unnecessary files (incl previous Win10), and lets me keep 10GB free even with Win10, MSoft office, two browsers and some other programs. Take care though, as I recall it was Clean up system files which was the start of my problem. I have abandoned the idea of Portable Drive and decided to constrain to what will fit on the 32GB C: drive.

First new bad news is that my USB mouse is intermittent, the USB pings up and down continually, and I have to learn to use the touchpad exclusively.

Main bad news is that on power-up, Portable Drive appears in Device Manager even though I never re-engaged it. I can uninstall it from Device Manager and I then see the SD card on Explorer, but Explorer won't go into it and hangs when it tries. Something is broken.

Any ideas please on how to restore access to the D: drive slot? And how should it be formatted - currently it is NTFS.
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