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Jumped To Versace?

General chit-chat on the Linx 1020

Jumped To Versace?

by Popc0rn » September 25th, 2017, 8:05 am

Has anyone made the leap from Linx 10 to Versace? Have you noticed a big difference between the two?

Really need your help and advice before I get one, please.
Linx Nerd
Linx Nerd
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Re: Jumped To Versace?

by alynsparkes » November 13th, 2017, 12:04 pm

I went from an original Linx 10B with Origami keyboard case to a Versare 10v64. I have to say I'm disappointed that the performance of the new device is not greater. Considering there's twice the RAM on the Versare as well as twice the storage, and a processor that's meant to be quicker too, I still find it pretty slow.
Compared to a 1010B, the Versare has a kick-stand behind, so still takes up more desk depth when the keyboard is on. Of course, it means you can prop it up without the keyboard too.
Can't really advise on whether it's a good move for you to upgrade, since you've not stated what you'll be using it for. I do a bit of music production on mine using Reaper with a small number (<10) plugins and it just about copes. Then again, streaming music through Deezer to a Bluetooth speaker has been unsatisfactory with much stuttering - my phone manages the same task fine.
Overall, it's "just about" usable as an ultra-mobile laptop, but that's my use-case. It may not be yours.

Linx Newbie
Linx Newbie
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