USB not working after Firmware or Windows 10 Sept 18 update

If its broke and it doesn't turn on you probably wanna post in here.
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February 9th, 2019, 8:22 pm

I have a Linx 820 which was working perfectly. Yesterday I tried to install the Sept 18 Windows 10 update- this failed with a message saying I should see if a bios update was available for my computer. I found the Firmware update on the Linx website and installed this, followed by the Windows 10 update, which worked this time. However, after all this, I realised that the micro USB port was no longer working, other than for charging, even though the USB devices still appear in the Device Manager. I’ve tried 2 USB otg adapters, both of which I know work on other machines and used to work on my Linx 820. As well as not working in Windows, the USB port is no longer detected on boot, so I can’t do a fresh install of the system image. Has anybody got any ideas? Thanks
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