Improving the Touchpad?

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November 6th, 2019, 4:45 pm

Hi All,

I'm currently messing about with a Linx 12x64 in the office to see if they would be suitable for use in a specific enterprise environment. After 2 weeks of battling it's 99% there and working well but I'm having particular difficulty with the touchpad on the keyboard cover.

It's just picking up the generic Microsoft driver and I can't seem to find a hardware specific driver for it, I'm not sure if one even exists? The vendor ID seemed to point to a company called "Wistron Corp" but the only touch-pad driver I could find for them didn't seem to work. I've also tried forcing it onto a generic Synaptics driver and that didn't work.

With the generic Microsoft driver it works (ish) but is so absurdly sensitive that any slight flick of the finger seems to have unintended consequences. The tablets are for use out in the field by staff with little (to no) training so it is vital that the Touchpad is intuitive and very simple, we don't need fancy gestures, just a basic cursor movement and left/right click. I've tried tweaking in the sensitivity under the control panel but it still seems to keep picking up gestures and doing odd things

I've had some success following the method on another post to disable all the advanced gestures under the settings app (enable the Toupad button, activate the onscreen touchpad and then goto Settings > Devices > Touchpad) but it's still a bit clunky and unfortunately we don't have the option of setting this on a user-by-user basis (profiles are wiped when a user logs out of the tablet).

Has anyone had any success with drivers or knows of any Group Policy or registry hacks to improve the touchpad usability?


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