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Bios reset and now no load screen or anything [Fixed]

If its broke and it doesn't turn on you probably wanna post in here.

Re: Bios reset and now no load screen or anything [Fixed]

by joeontherun » January 13th, 2018, 9:32 am

No access to bios linx12x64

Thank you for your advise I have now gone back to Linx support to see if they can help with this the tablet is looking more bricked as the days go on see symptoms below

After bios changes

Built in LCD not working
External Micro HDMI not Working
Tablet keyboard (looks like its doing nothing maybe the port has been disabled)?
USB 3.0 port (usb thumb drive not initialising or powering)
Micro USB port (charge port) tried devices in there also using a OTG Cable no luck

It may still be loading to SHELL>> script however I cant get anything to initialise through the ports to get it to work (I do remember seeing when I get it to load to external screen going back before it got bad it loaded to the words SHELL>> " then something like Type start up.?? to do something,

I have also hooked up a computer to the micro usb (charge port) & USB 3.0 port (again no detection)

I think the only way to get this back on now maybe a firmware re-flash or some kind of bios reset button on the main board at least to get it back to the stage of seeing the external display ill see what there support comes back with

Moderators feel free to move my questions answers to a new board submission as it may confuse people looking for a fix and have them think his method don't work but it clearly does, sorry for hijacking your successful board Pete all the help was appreciated
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