How To Solve Annoying Touchpad Issues

General chit-chat on the Linx Versare 12"
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March 26th, 2018, 8:24 pm

I replied with this in a different thread but I thought it deserved a thread of its own.

Just got my Linx 12X64 today. I love it, but the touchpad was driving me insane. After almost an entire day of trawling forums and endless googling I've finally come across a solution. Not my work obviously, but hope it helps some of you out ... st69722888

It's not perfect, but definitely a huge improvement over the current state of the touchpad.
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June 6th, 2019, 2:47 pm

I just picked up a (cheap) Linx 12x64 and for its price I am very happy. Apart that is from the very annoying issues relating to touchpad gestures seeming to constantly cause unwanted actions.

I wasn't very keen on trying to download or install any files/apps I wasn't familiar with but I found another solution.

After a bit of Googling I found these instructions which detail how to change windows 10 gesture settings
via the windows settings menu (Windows -> settings -> devices -> touchpad
I don't seem to be allowed to link to the site I got instructions form but if you google for the words "disable windows 10 gestures" and go to the website form "into Windows" you should find them

The only issue was that on 12x64 these options did not appear to be present, but on my tablet I found the following actions made them become available so that I could customise the gesture settings (in my case this means disabling all of them)

1) Right click on Windows task bar and select the item called "Show touchpad button" so that there is a tick against it.
2) Now in the system tray (bottom right on task bar) there will be a little icon that looks like a touchpad with right & left buttons. Left click this icon to open up the "virtual" screen based touchpad.
3) now check the instructions/settings as described in the link above and you will find that Windows now identifies the touchpad as being a "precision touchpad" and all the options are available. (Note they are only available for changes whilst the screen based touchpad is open. If you close it the options in the settings revert back to being hidden

As far as I can tell so far once you have made the changes you want to the settings of the touchpad you can then close the on screen touchpad and the new settings, although no longer visible, do seen to work
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