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How have you kitted out your Vision?

How have you kitted out your Vision?

by Quin452 » February 22nd, 2017, 12:20 pm

Hi guys

I've got my Linx Vision this week and after learning a little more about it, I'm kinda happy with it.

Now, I'm a web developer and games designer, so this is very handy for "on the go", but I 'll be using it as a laptop replacement for when I go see clients, etc.

So far, I've bought a universal tablet sleeve, a jelly comb keyboard with trackpad, and a little foldable stand. This will allow me to do some work.
I also plan on buying a large SD card (I saw somewhere on here someone bought a 200GB one, and others saying their 128GBs work too) so my Steam Library, as well as gameplay footage (if I figure out a good way to do that). That's not the priority.

The plan is to use this tablet for "gaming on the go". So when I am travelling, I have some of my games downloaded onto the SD card so I can play. I may use my OneDrive to transfer my save files around. I've not synced my OneDrive to my tablet, because I have more storage on my OneDrive than the tablet can handle! :lol:

Now, my major issue is seeing how I can turn this into a full workstation. I was thinking of a portable monitor (yea...) but also connecting a portable hard drive and/or docking station.
I've had my eye on this Pluggable USB3 Docking Station (You need to be registered to view this link, please log-in or register) for a long while now, and wondered if it could work with the tablet. If not, maybe the OTG cable that people have posted here to at least have a regular USB (and maybe figure a way out to charge the tablet too)?

EDIT: I've decided on a new docking station (You need to be registered to view this link, please log-in or register) as it should hopefully charge the tablet at the same time.
I've yet to decide on what MicroSD card to get. Using MyMemory website (they have a filtered list for Linx Vision), I need to decide if 128GB, 200GB, or 256GB will work; the prices vary a lot, and I've also need to decide on the speed.

I think speed will be the main focus, so a 128GB may be in order (and that is still a lot of space considering).

EDIT 2: So neither of the docking stations would seem to work, so I've gone for a Ugreen 4 port USB OTG Hub. It should arrive this week and I'll test it out.
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