SD card reader not detected

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May 6th, 2019, 1:58 pm

Like many here I bought my unit way back. I have also have troubles with my sd card disconnecting (using a sandisk ultra 64 GB). But that is not the problem I have today. My unit has been in the box for a while as I have been abroad. Now when I try to use my unit it cannot detect any sd cards. I have tried an old 2 GB card as well. Both cards work well in my laptop or connecting them through an usb > sd card reader.
When I insert an SD card Windows recats to it and makes the generic sound, but there is no popup for the card. In settings I can find the card but it just says that there is an error and my only option is to eject.
I haven't used my device very much and the drivers might be outdated (just did something with windows update or whatever it is called nowdays). I did try F0LLETT's drivers just now but they did not help.

I appreciate any help and look forward to get this baby going, it has so much potential, especially now when I have the time to configure and use it.
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