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Touchscreen issue Linx Vision

Touchscreen issue Linx Vision

by lscalow12 » December 6th, 2017, 2:33 am

My brother has a Linx Vision, we bought him it, and the screen calibration was off, he went on the recalibrate option and now its completely screwed.
Only the slightest bit of the edges register being touched, and they act as if it is being touched elsewhere.
He has a lock screen on it but you cant even type in the password as the touchscreen wont register anything, and when the keyboard does come up, which is rarely, non off the touches are registered.
We can't access any part of it, he has only had it a month and was brought brand new.
We have connected the controller that came with it, but that isn't picked up either.
I would try to fix it via my laptop but we can't access it that way as it needs to be unlocked.
We would connect a tablet keyboard or mouse, but it doesn't pick them up either.
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