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charging and otg theory

Posted: December 30th, 2018, 10:55 am
by MrKicx
hey im newish to the community and the idea has likely already been spoken bout but here gos anyway

otg by design blocks power signals so threes no current way to otg and charge at the same time it seems to be the holy grail for linx owners as well as other sectors of the market but lets think about the advantage we have here ????

my linx has another external interface port that im aware has to at least offer similar functions to a usb connected device as it came wraped in an xbox controller early days research i know but the idea is to create some kind of dock stand that would use the 5 pin connectors at the bottom to offer usb at the same time it has a charger connected

of course this is all an early stage idea based on the fact i use the linx as a hmpc anyway it already has the charger in and an hdmi cable in most of the time anyway

ill let you guys know if this is something 1 that can be done and 2 something i can do :)