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Linx 1010b review and some usage tips

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Linx 1010b review and some usage tips

by castanho » December 20th, 2016, 3:39 pm

Hi guys!

This is my personal review of the Linx 1010b after 3 months of use.

At first I was a bit concerned about the overall quality of the device due to the low price but I decided to buy it to replace my old Asus TF-101 android tablet.

I used to use the old android tablet to watch some movies and videos and occasional retro gaming, playing old ROMS on it like Super Marios for NES, but my old TF-101 could not handle HD streaming anymore and it was time to find a replacement.

The linx 1010b was definitely the best choice possible! I decided to ditch android due to the need for root etc and decided on a Win 10 tablet.

Its responsive and quite quick for most of the software I use, it runs Kodi like a charm and I use it with Retroarch and Launch box to play my old Roms collection (more than 4000 roms) paired with a bluetooth MOCUTE 050 gamepad controller (another awesome purchase, this controller connects to everything). I bought a 64Gb microsd U1 class 10 due to the limited memory in order to store my games etc.

After a week of use I decided to try and install my old favourite games, like Command & conquer Red Alert 3 and to my surprise the tablet runs it perfectly!!! Although the game devours the battery. That said I installed Age of Mythology and guess what, the tablet runs it perfectly!

I rarely use my laptop now as I have office and most of the software I use installed on the Linx Tablet.

I recommend that you guys try the Gesture Studio program to make really good use of the touchscreen, like 3 finger rotate clock wise to increase brightness, 2 finger rotate for volume etc. Have a look at You need to be registered to view this link, please log-in or register its a paid program but you can setup 3 actions in the free version.

I bought a few accessories like a cover ... UTF8&psc=1 and a mini HDMI to HDMI adaptor so that I could connect it to my projector and TV and its simply awesome (game on)!

The thing I don't like about it is the touchpad, its not very reliable, but I use a wireless mouse so that's fine.

In terms of battery life its quite good. I get about 3 to 4 hours of intensive use. But the charger could be a little more powerful, when running Red Alert 3 for example and the charger connected the battery still discharges :(

Final thoughts: Definitely recommend this cheap little power house! Great for browsing and playing some old or not graphics intensive games!
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