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February 11th, 2018, 10:17 am

Hi All I bought my 1010 to use as a mini file server in the office and connect the printer to so a few computers can share it now its running windows 10 which is absolutely awful i cant seem to make it stay logged in for longer than 5 minutes and it keeps updating itself which isnt remotely annoying :evil: so im sure youll all have a go at me for this but can the tablet be downgraded to windows xp ? are all the drivers available for XP? and if so is it just a case of hooking an external dvd drive up and putting the xp disk in formatting the drive and installing etc ??

Any help would be welcomed all i want to do is have the tablet so that the screen dims it stays logged in and will be connected to a power supply all the time so i can access the printer that is plugged in (shared) and the external hdd that is plugged in (shared files)


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