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Linx Tablets in education.

General chit-chat on the Linx 1010

Linx Tablets in education.

Postby richardatace » January 9th, 2017, 3:37 pm

Hello all,

I hope this post finds you well. I work as part of a small IT team at a multi trust academy. We are currently in the middle of testing out these Linx 1010 tablets to see how well they work in an education environment.

I have two questions. Are there any other users on this forum that also use Linx 1010 tablets for this purpose? Also, are the UEFIs on the 1010 model as fragile or as liable to bricking as the other models?
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Re: Linx Tablets in education.

Postby tbeard » January 9th, 2017, 5:45 pm


I have a few schools that are using the 1010E and not had any real problem except that we had to change the version of Windows 10 from Pro to Enterprise (which is covered under the EES licencing we have), this is because the Start and Active Tiles couldn't be controlled by GPO under Pro.

They are currently being used by staff only and are running SIMS without an issue.

Not had any problems with the UEFI on any of them to be honest.

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Re: Linx Tablets in education.

Postby F0LLETT » January 9th, 2017, 9:53 pm

UEFI is not flakey.
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