Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Give your Linx 7 some new accessories!
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January 30th, 2016, 5:29 pm

Whilst in the local town center today, ostensibly to cut my hair cut, I spotted a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, sold seperately, in Wilkinsons. My other bluetooth keyboard recently developed a fault whereby the up arrow stopped working, and I've been using a wired mouse, but for £25 for the 2, I thought why not. I can report great success!

The lil' 7 is more than happy paired to the 2 devices simultaneously, plus, I can keep it on charge at the same time (whilst I'm waiting for my OTG & charge doobery-whatsit to arrive from The Peoples Republic).

I also can now put the lil'7 on the shelf by the telly, connect up and full screen the **** out of it! Oh yes steam-stream fans, you heard that right!

The mouse doesn't like working on a wooden table, but a .49p mouse-mat from Home & Bargain sorted it.
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