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wifi drops out every two minutes. fix?

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wifi drops out every two minutes. fix?

by ballistic » July 28th, 2016, 12:24 pm

hi i bought a linx 810 preowned from cash converters today. everything seems fine but the wifi
drops out every couple minutes, im using it now and it dropped six times just registering
so i could post and view links.

i noticed there was a discussion with the 1010 model on the same issue which is what lead me to
this site and an admin had very lindly provided a link to an updated driver download and was wondering
if there were similar resources for my model because this wifi issue is becoming ridiculous its a
great tablet but without reliable wifi then whats the point.

when it drops i hit the little icon on the bottom right on the taskbar to bring up the wifi snd bluetooth
and rotation lock etc and the tablet shows as connected to my home network and i have to tap it to
turn wifi off and then tap again to turn it back on.

if i actually go to the networking settings and find the adapter its greyed out and no matter how many times i tap
and enable it never enables and remains greyed out.

i ran the troubleshooter and it identified a gateway problem which it claims it resolved but 30 seconds later
it was back to the way it was all greyed out and unresponsive. even when its connected and i csn view pages and download things its still grey.

i noticed the drivers were changed a few days ago and have a suspicion that it might be the cause

so if anyone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate the help
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Re: wifi drops out every two minutes. fix?

by mole08 » July 28th, 2016, 2:17 pm

Is Bluetooth enabled? Heard there was a conflict if both are running.
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