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Power button stopped working?

If its broke and it doesn't turn on you probably wanna post in here.

Power button stopped working?

Postby Mamacita1410 » December 24th, 2016, 6:43 pm

Hello, in September I bought a Linx 10V64 from Argos and today it won't turn on. I last used it a week ago, when I plug the power cable in the light is blue... but when I press the power button nothing happens. I've tried repeatedly over the last hour for varrying lengths of time (holding the power button down that is). I have emailed Argos but I'm guess they will refer me to you. Can you advise? I'm leaving the country on 9th January for a year to work abroad so it has really happened at the worst possible time.

Thanks in advance...
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Linx Tablet: Linx 10
Retailer: Argos. Co. Uk
Windows Version: Windows 10 Home

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