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Android Emulators on 1010B - My Experience

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Android Emulators on 1010B - My Experience

by IzaacJ » February 10th, 2016, 3:27 am


Tested emulators so far:
Bluestacks 0.9
Bluestacks 2
AMIDuOS (Jelly Bean)
AMIDuOS 2.0 (Lollipop)

This has been ran on a Lamina T1010B.NORD (Linx 1010B) with latest Windows 10 Insider build.

I've tried Bluestacks and AMIDuOS (both the latest available version to date) and I've decided to share my experience with both of them.

Bluestacks 0.9:
Bluestacks 0.9 was working reasonably well when the rotation issues were solved, but still some random crashes and lockups.

Bluestacks 2:
Bluestacks 2 was a HORRIBLE experience. Lagged a lot and crashed most of the time. Wasn't even able to install any apps due to it freezing and/or crashing.

AMIDuOS (Jelly Bean):
Works really well with no to minor issues. Biggest issue is when the screen turns off with AMIDuOS in the foreground, the tablet doesn't seem to respond to the power button, so had to force a power down (holding the power button for at least 10 sec) to be able to get back into the tablet. Workaround is to set the screen timeout to never on both battery and power.

AMIDuOS 2.0 (Lollipop):
AMIDuOS 2.0 worked pretty well for short periods, but switching apps or playing some games caused it to freeze and had to be force-closed through the Taskmanager, which showed that it took up 100% of the CPU when it froze. This happened pretty regularly while I played Fallout Shelter.
Also, when you start a game, the action buttons (back/home/menu/etc) was hidden in the bottom, but I found no way to bring them back up, so starting, in my case, Fallout Shelter forced me to shut down AMIDuOS completely to switch to another app/game with no way to close it or back out of it, which could cause a lot of frustrations. Also note that the "near-native experience" they're talking about, that's utter bullshit. Even my big desktop gaming rig is barely able to cope with running AMIDuOS 2.0, but it runs AMIDuOS (Jelly Bean) and Bluestacks really well.

If I were to recommend any of them it would without doubt be AMIDuOS (Jelly Bean).

Hopefully this'll help some decide which Android Emulator they'd be using!

I'll probably update this post with other emulators as I try them out on my 1010B
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Re: Android Emulators on 1010B - My Experience

by duracell2468 » October 24th, 2016, 6:50 pm

Hi Issac, I wont to buy my 7 year old the 1010B for Christams & was wondering if this tablet will run a good emulator so he can play Pokemon Go. Since your review how has the 1010B been performing with the emulators? Which one should he use?
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