Windows 10 update 1803

Windows 10 Is HERE, get support, drivers in here!
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August 25th, 2018, 9:39 am

Hi everyone.

Just a heads up.

It is possible to get this on a 16gb Linx 1010b; I've just booted into it.

I got fed up with windows store refusing to download anything because I didn't have the latest version.

Using the windows media creation tool on another pc, I downloaded the iso for another pc.

Windows 10 home 32 bit.

Once I had the iso , I mounted it using windows 10

Then I copied all files and folders onto a fat 32 sub stick. Insert the stick into the linx1010b and right click on the setup.exe. run it as administrator.

Make sure to remove sd card if one is installed.

It goes through the usual stuff then said I needed more room.

At this point it gave me the option of using an external drive to help with the install. As I was installing from a 32gb usb stick , that was easy. But it still wanted more space on C:

Using the make more space option , I deleted everything I could.

Store apps/ games
Any programs I had installed etc

I got free space to 3.1gb and the install went ahead. I had to leave it plugged in and powered up all night, but in the morning it booted into windows10 version 1803.

I then move software distribution folder to my sd card and made a link using MkLink

All working fine, with chrome and free office installed to main c drive. All other programs installed on d drive. I have 3.2gb free space left on C drive.
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