Windows 10 Update too big for tablet?

Windows 10 Is HERE, get support, drivers in here!
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April 25th, 2018, 11:20 pm

The stats you have given are the same as mine, this tablet was available in two sizes 16GB and 32GB, the fixes you have given are identical to mine, I have a 16GB tablet.

Me: (100MB EFI Partition / 14.19GB NTFS partition / 277MB Recovery partition) > currently 2.96GB free of 14.1GB

Sorry, if you were told you bought a 32GB, you were actually sold a 16GB.

I was unable to update mine even using the media tool and external storage, deleting everything possible to make the space.

The good news is this years Fal windows is reported to feature "Windows 10 lean" for legacy 16GB devices so we might be OK again.
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April 26th, 2018, 11:40 am

@stigzler - can you confirm what model of 1010 you have?

@LinxFan - you have a 1010 Lite. Stigzler has mentioned in Disc Management his drive is 14G Windows and 5Gb free, implying 10Gb 'lost' in other compartments. That doesn't add up to a 16Gb drive, so I suspect it is a 32Gb drive.

I've heard, too, that there is to be a Windows 10 Lite version which will help many people with small drives. Could be a good OS if all the 'rubbish' is left off :)

@stigzler - I still stand by what I've already suggested although I would now wait until the Spring update becomes available and go for that. Once you've done a clean install you will have much more free disc space and, if you put in a microSD card, you can then install most other apps to card (D:\) If you can install any MS apps to D:\ then that would be a bonus too although I suspect MS apps will still need to be on C:\ unless MS change things - maybe they are ???
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April 29th, 2018, 12:14 pm

You can update a 16GB tablet but it is a bit convoluted and requires knowledge of Hyper-V virtual machines and Macrium Reflect Free. It is not that difficult but not for beginners.

1) Install Macrium Reflect Free on tablet, and also create boot entry from Macrium "Other Tasks" menu. Also create a Macrium Rescue iso.

2) Back up tablet with Macrium Reflect to a usb drive. Copy Macrium Rescue iso to this drive as well.

3) Create a virtual hard drive 2xsize of linx tablet e.g. 32GB for 16GB tablet

4) Restore image to the virtual hard drive and expand C drive to fill all space on VHD from disk management, the detach vhd as well.

5) Create a GENERATION 1 Hyper V VM, and attach VM from above, and also connect Macrium Rescue iso as a "DVD". Set VM to boot from "DVD"

6) Boot VM and run Macrium Reflect "Fix window boot problems"

7) Boot pc, this time booting into Windows

8) Do upgrade in normal way

7) Do disk cleanup etc. - check installed files less than say 16 GB if 16GB tablet (32 for 32B etc).

8) Image backup C partition only and copy to a usb drive

9) Boot tablet into Macrium and restore C image partition from usb to tablet, over existing writing C partition

10) Run Macrium Reflect "fix windows boot problems"

11) Reboot tablet into Windows.

You can modify above for other VMs.
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August 26th, 2018, 10:57 pm

Dont think I've seen this anywhere on-site, so am posting here.
If you switch on display of hidden system files and see directory $GetCurrent, it contains remnants
of a previous update (not removed until 30 days after update [or so it is said, but seems not to be the case, nor is it removed
by disk cleanup]), mine was about 4GB in size, after reading below linked page, I deleted mine and now have 4GB less rubbish
on my C: drive.
How-To Geek: What Are the $GetCurrent and $SysReset Folders, and Can You Delete Them? ... lete-them/

After deletion of $GetCurrent, I currently have 20.1 GB free of 28.5 GB on my 32GB mmc, C:\ drive.
[I recently went back to Macrium reflect backup of 1709, after attempted install of Cinnamon Mint x64 on USB failed].

EDIT: I also disabled Hibernation saving about 1GB (invisible file hiberfil sys will disappear from C:\):- ... ation-793/

EDIT: Free up space to install the latest Windows 10 update:- ... -10-update

C:\Windows\WinSxS not properley cleaned up by Diskcleanup,
Jan 7 post, ... pdate.html
Via Administrator Command Prompt (without quotes):- "Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup"
Removes some un-used (outdated) files.

I updated from 1709 to current 1803 and now have 15.7 GB free with only a few programs installed.

EDIT: I also wanted to install GpEdit.Msc (Group Policy Editor) to disable Fast User Switching (plus some other stuff), and
found this (posting here so I can find it again):-
Easily Install Group Policy Editor (GPEdit.msc) In Windows 10 Home Edition, See the link GPEdit Enabler for Windows 10 Home Edition ... e-edition/
Above runs a simple batch script which extracts it from an archive already present in Windows 10 Home (works also for W7/8/8.1 apparently).
EDIT: Forget about GpEdit on Windows 10 Home edition, it dont seem to set the policies (leastwise not the ones I've tried).
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