Exertis/Linx's Stance On Windows 10

Windows 10 Is HERE, get support, drivers in here!
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February 29th, 2016, 5:53 pm

Billaboard wrote:Thanks again, Follett. I'm not sure I have time at the moment to mess with the tablet, as I'd be making notes as I went along and taking images at every stage possible. So for now I'll leave it as is with updates blocked.

The forced update on W10 is in any case one of the 2 or 3 deal breakers on the laptops that have pushed me back to W7 (and Linux).

I run Pro on all machines here with the exception, of course, of the Linx.

As I understand it, and I was for ages an active member of the Insider program, Microsoft are pushing the update onto tablets of this type, and the update is an uncompressed version which, at a minimum, is almost double the size of the 8.1 compressed OS.

Thanks again for the help, which I have taken note of.
I think, there are 3 factors in play here.
ESD Compressed twice, WIM Compressed once and folders / files uncompressed.

Why linx would have a full recovery partition and not tell you how to use it is crazy, whats the point in it.
Shame you cant just manage and them select recovery and delete it. Then add unallocated space to C:, if its after C: of course.
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