Linx 10v64 Drivers and Windows Home 10

If you've lost your drivers, they'll probably be in here!
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April 5th, 2018, 7:43 pm

Hello all

I purchased a new LINUX 10v64 and I found out that the manufacture company had a lot of programs installed that i didn't need also it took ages for the windows to upgrade, so I took the decision to clean install windows 10 pro.

Biggg mistake

I discovered that everything went south after that all of the drivers were uninstalled (obviously) and the tablet was upset about it :( after two days of frustration and using a lot of tools like driver booster and other driver providers (which do f@@@ all), I ended up calling the linx support team in the UK and explained my problem just for the record the gentleman was amazing and helpful. He send me a guide and explained to me on the phone that you need a windows 10 HOME for the drivers and the hardware to work fine. Also he sent finally all the drivers for the LINX 10V64 :D :D :D

I will attach everything below so I can help you

Step 1:
You will need to load Windows 10 recovery to a Fat32 usb

Therefore you need to create a bootable USB device that's formatted as FAT32 instead, then copy the contents of the Windows installation media to it. For example use the commands below to create a FAT32-formatted USB device:

1.Open an elevated command prompt, then start the diskpart utility:


2.List all the disks and identify your USB stick:

list disk

3.Select the disk number that is your USB stick, e.g.,:

select disk 1-2-3-4 what ever your usb disk is

4.Remove all existing partitions:


5.Create a new partition, make it active and format as FAT32, then assign a drive letter:

create partition primary
select partition 1
format quick fs=fat32

6. Exit diskpart:

Step 2:

Then you will need to copy this file to the USB: ...

1. Extract the files from the zip to a new folder in your desktop name the folder just NEW

2. Then open command prompt as administrator and type the following command
xcopy (the folders path) then E:\ (whatever letter your usb has) /s /e

it must look like this xcopy C:\ E:\ /s /e
example: ‪C:\Users\pcname\Desktop\New F:\ /s/e

then hit enter and waitttttttt!!!!!

Once completed you have a windows recovery usb stick

Step 3:
Then go to the start menu by holding the the shift button click restart and windows will show up a window

Click: Troubleshoot

Click: The first option: Recover from a drive or what ever

Click: Remove files

Click: Just remove my files

Click: Reset

And waittttttttttt!!!! zZzZzZzZ

Once windows opens you are ready to install all the drivers.
!!! Be Aware some hardware wont like to be updated because its going to be a series drivers that's what I call them. Which means an other driver will need to be installed first so the other to be installed so just ignore that and move on we will come back to it later.

Step 4:
Use this file: ...

Of course extract the zip on your laptop by using a USB a hard drive or what ever you want don't try floppy disk we live in 2018. :lol: :lol:

Now open Device Manager if you don't know how googleeee itttttttt :x :x

Okay where were we. Oh yeah and

Then locate the hardware that have an annoying yellow triangle on.

Right click on it and hit Update drivers choose the second option and then locate the folder that you unzipped the zip file with the drivers
and press okay

Yes you will need to do the same for all of them and as I said if one comes up with an error pass go back to it later or restart and try again after you left that one for the end.

Thank you all

I hope this helps because when i was looking at forums and stuff no drivers no guidance and nothing. I wanted to upload to this forums download page but no guidance again how to do so. So you get the links and copy and paste
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