How to play Civ 2 and other games without a keyboard

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January 10th, 2016, 7:58 pm


Bought a Linx 8 last week and been playing with it since. Was wanting to play Civ 2 and other old strategy games but the onscreen keyboard was too big to use and the games wont work using touch alone.
Therefore after some searching I found a free touch keyboard which you can customise. Using it I've designed an arrow pad keyboard with an escape and enter key. Its small enough to be usable but out of the way.
Since I struggled to find this solution thought Id share with everyone.

The program is Click-N-type, its designed for disabled users but works fine, you have to download the custom keyboard maker and then you can design exactly what you need. Obviously look on google for the program, its free for personal use.

Screenshot below ... hoto%2cpng
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