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Re: Replacement battery

by eistein » September 16th, 2015, 4:45 am

Deleted User 1605 wrote:Hello All,

Yes, you can replace the battery.. Just look for a similar physical size and (hopefully) larger capacity on Ebay or elsewhere online.

You'll probably have to mod the power connector slightly though..


but.. does anyone know the physical szie?
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Re: Replacement battery

by Caravelle » October 9th, 2015, 10:32 pm

Until someone comes up with a clear description of exactly how to open up the device, exactly what battery to get, any adaptations that need to be made and how to get the thing back together, and if you're not the one who is prepared to take on this challenge and tell us about it, then the practical answer remains that you can't replace the battery.

Personally, I anticipate that by the time the battery in my Linx 7 has deteriorated to the point where it's annoying, I'll be ready to move on. And I have to say that judging by my experience with expensive replacement batteries for phones and laptops, they just don't last as long as the originals and aren't good value for money.

While, like a previous poster, I can in due course find a use for the Linx 7 permanently running on mains power (though a Linux-powered Raspberry Pi might be a better bet) there may be another option - get one of the many portable re-chargeable chargers available and run from that. I'm assuming, maybe wrongly, that the Linx will still run happily from the charger input when the battery no longer holds its charge, but I have a couple of old XP laptops that do.

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Re: Replacement battery

by DJSubterrain » November 28th, 2015, 4:59 pm

I did find this teardown video on YouTube, hopefully he can let us know the battery model without anyone else having to disassemble their tablet to find out, I've done a replacement battery on my Nexus 4 (which is also not supposed to be dismantled), it's not as scary as you'd think and as long as you are careful and use proper precautions (remove the static producing t-shirt and shoes) you should be fine.

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Looking at the cameras also they seem to use the same kind of method (camera, ribbon cable and port on the mainboard) as existing phones/tablets so it may even be possible to install/replace a better model of camera but I'm guessing that would take a LOT of research and bravery to attempt.

From this thread where Iregore bravely opened up the beast, the battery model is a SR299198P, unfortunately a google search for that model only finds 2 links to one site which is obviously a trade site as they have a minimum order of 2000 items.

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I've tried e-mailing You need to be registered to view this link, please log-in or register to see if they would stock a replacement or would be interested in providing these:

Hi, I tried to contact you using the form on your site but it's not functioning, just shows an error so I thought I'd e-mail instead.

I recently bought a Linx 7 tablet, I also post on a support forum for this device :

We're looking into how possible it would be to replace the battery in this device if it failed, it's a very cheap tablet so, most of the time the best solution would be to order a replacement if it's outwith the warranty but some people like to support their own devices as you probably know.

Someone has opened the device and gave a nice picture of this :

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Would you stock this battery (or a compatible one) or do you know where one could be sourced as googling the part number only shows one trade site.

The part number is shown as:

- SR299198P-3500mAH
+ NJ18 14k06

I would guess that selling this battery might be quite profitable as these tablets have been selling in huge numbers and a large number of users may want to support their own devices.

Let's see what they say.
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