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Control DSLR camera with Linx7.

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Control DSLR camera with Linx7.

by mas7373 » August 23rd, 2015, 1:40 pm

Just wanted to let others know that I have managed to connect Linx 7 and Canon 600D via USB on W10.
1. Download and create install image (USB pen drive recommended) of W10 Home 32 bit by going here: ... ndows10ISO
2. After the upgrading, download all the updates (via windows update facility)
3. I had to update graphic card driver and sensor driver. GPU was easy one as I had to click update driver in Device Manager. Sensor driver was a bit more complicated. Eventually I have found on this forum a download link for W8 drivers pack approx. 200mb) and after installing it and running a reg file (inluded) everything worked as expected (after rebooting).
4. Download latest Dslr Dashboard x86 installer.
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5. Download winUSB driver replacement utility from here:
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6. Connect your DSLR camera and turn it on
7. Start Zadig
8. In Zadig under ‘Options’ check the ‘List All Devices’ option
9. In the drop down box select your DSLR camera
10. Select the WinUSB driver
11. Press the ‘Replace Driver’ button to install the WinUSB driver
12. Connect Canon 600d ( i guess any dslr supported by the software), run Dslr Dashboard and enjoy the experience.

I have also tried running the original Canon software to accomplish the task of controlling a camera on Linx7. Well, it works without driver replacement, however due to non-scalable GUI I found it really hard to work with.

My observations:
1. 7 inch screen using DSlr Dashboard is sufficient. I used x5 and x10 digital zoom functionality for taking images in manual focus mode.
2. The tablet gets hot after some time due to graphic card strain. I did 30-40 mins continous session without switching tablet off though.
3. Image on the screen is at approx. 10 fps (did not measure it) so forget about movie making experience. However, it does brilliant job for still photography (macro, portraits etc).
4. I have not used this set up outdoors. But I guess in reasonable lighting conditions it may work well (screen readibility in sun).
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