Duplicating display using HDMI turns off touchscreen

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November 10th, 2018, 10:22 am

I am connecting the HDMI from my Linx tablet to a Kramer switcher/scaler for projection on large screens in an AV system. When doing this I can't get my Linx tablet to duplicate the desktop without the touch screen being turned off, which means I can't control it even with a mouse. Every time I connect the HDMI, it goes blank. I have tried selecting "Duplicate" in the Projection action centre before connecting the HDMI cable, but that just locks up the screen (non-responsive to touch) until I connect it to the Kramer - and then it goes blank.

When connecting to my TV at home on the other hand, both screens remain active - however the TV does not show the desktop full screen to the edges.

The first problem is the main one because we have a show to put on tomorrow morning! Any help please?
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