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Windows 10 Compact install

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Windows 10 Compact install

by 9El9Nino9 » September 16th, 2015, 1:26 pm

So i really liked wimboot when running an 8.1 device and thought i'd try the same for windows 10.
after several hours i got my windows 10 pro activated image captured, applied in wimboot and everything was a beauty. it only too 2gb for the OS and the images on the recovery parition took around 4gb which it used to under 8,1 also. for those wondering, i own a several update liscences for 8.1 pro, that is how i updated for "free" to 10 pro.
the issue was when i came to do a clean recovery, the system would go wrong and was unable to recover from these images, despite reagent being correct.
so i started digging into it a bit and found for windows 10 devices, they have released a thing called compact. i read about it a few places but no clear instructions.
i then used a microsoft tool for a 30 day trial that allowed me to create a windows 10 USB which intergrated drivers and updates and installed it from a uefi usb in compact mode.

the results are impressive. only 6gb including drivers and latest updates and recovery works well.
only issue is i need to manually add the g sensor in hardware and make the registry entry for orentation.

i have used the same usb to install it on my linx 7 as well with no issues and using the correct registry values.

for clarification, yes i had wiped my windows 8.1 recovery parition. i get around 22gb free storage and recovery works well still.

hopefully this helps people who would like a compact install
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Re: Windows 10 Compact install

by WilhelmStroker » September 21st, 2015, 5:02 pm

There's also this:

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