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[Guide] Running the toolkit from an external HDD.

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[Guide] Running the toolkit from an external HDD.

by bodge99 » July 26th, 2015, 1:12 pm

Hello All.

This is for those who would prefer to run the toolkit from an external USB hard drive:

This particular method allows maximum compatibility with other windows machines. i.e. you can access your own drive images from a windows machine for further archival purposes.


Prepare your hard drive with two msdos partitions (i.e. GPT partitions are not required).
The first should be same size as the toolkit i.e. around 2 GB. If you wish to keep any supplied drive archives (in \tablet) then use 8 GB.
Format this partition to fat32 and set the boot flag.

Format the second partition to NTFS. I used the rest of the drive for this as this drive is for use only with my tablets.

Copy the contents of the flashdrive to the fat32 partition, keeping the directory structure identical.

You can now use the NTFS (second partition) for drive image creation purposes. This partition can also be accessed from any windows machine.
As you are now using NTFS, there is no need to split the drive archives to under 4GB (a fat32 file size limitation).


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