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Firmware backup with Intel EFI tool.

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Firmware backup with Intel EFI tool.

by Deleted User 1605 » June 16th, 2015, 10:37 am

Firmware Backup with the Intel EFI Tool:

Hello All.

I've been meaning to post this one for a while... I've been swamped with medical problems here and forgot.. sorry!

Only for the Linx 7 and Linx 10.

This can be found within the Linx 10 firmware archive (named downloadable from this site.
Download the file and extract the contents to a convenient place on your computer.

In "..\BIOS\linx 10 BIOS\" you'll see 9 files. You only want 2 of these.

Copy fpt32.efi and fparts.txt to a fat32 formatted flashdrive.

Connect the flashdrive and a keyboard to a USB hub, and this to your tablet.

Boot the tablet and enter the firmware settings. Select "UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell" as your first boot device.
When you've finished the firmware backup, reboot and set your first boot device back to "Windows Boot Manager".

You'll see a couple of text screens scrolling by.. followed by a message saying "press ESC in 5 seconds to skip Startup.nsh, any other key to continue."
This is part of the UEFI specification, the file doesn't exist on the tablets but can be created and used to automatically run other EFI utilities. You can also use this to start a secondary or non-standard EFI bootloader (good for buggy firmwares). But I digress...

You now need to identify the flashdrive and make it the current device.
Initially, the prompt will be "Shell>".

Type in "map -r" to show recognised device mappings. Look for something like this "hdxx : Removable Hard Disk - Alias fs3 blk3"
The "Removable Hard Disk" is the clue, the "fs3" is what you are looking for (in this example for my USB hub). Your detected location may be different e.g. fs0 .

Normally the associated text will give an indication. If it's unclear, then just try each in turn.
Type in the following and press enter afterwards. Comments {comment} are shown in braces and are not to be entered.

fs3: {Try the indicated file system. The prompt will change to fs3:}
ls {list the files in this directory, if it actually is a file system.}

If you see "fpt32.efi" and "fparts.txt" listed, then you are in the correct place.
If not, try again from fs0: . Change to the filesystem with:
ls {list again..}

"Rinse and repeat" (i.e. "fs1:", "fs2:" etc.) until you run out of file systems. If you still haven't found the flashdrive, then remove it, wait a few seconds and reinsert it. Wait a few seconds and enter "map -r" and try again. If this fails again, reboot and start from scratch with a different flashdrive.

When you have found the correct filesystem, enter this:
fpt32.efi -D existing.bin

The current firmware will be read and then written to the file "existing.bin" on the flashdrive.
A successful write will be indicated by an "FPT Operation Passed" message.

Your product code is embedded within this file. Any file viewer that can handle binary files will show your product code from offset 0x75E014 to 0x75E030 inclusive (7725076 to 7725104 in base ten).

To see the other options available from the tool just enter this:
"fpt32.efi" and press enter.

Nearly done. Restart by typing "exit" and pressing enter.
Re-enter the firmware settings and set the firmware first boot to "Windows Boot Manager". Save and exit.

All done.

Deleted User 1605

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Re: Firmware backup with Intel EFI tool.

by Rob » June 16th, 2015, 5:52 pm

Cheers for that worked like a treat now have this saved to the cloud as well as several other places.

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Re: Firmware backup with Intel EFI tool.

by Deleted User 1605 » June 16th, 2015, 5:58 pm


Pleased to help..

Deleted User 1605

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