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[Guide] USB Recovery drive not working? Try this...

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Re: USB Recovery drive not working? Try this...

by danskeman » December 4th, 2015, 4:48 pm

pimpas wrote:
nememo wrote:
make sure your SWM files are saved***


Hi. Where those files is located? I tried reinstall my tablet 10(make clean instalation ). On 66% all stopped and my tablet won't start at all. I could try to start from bios , but nothing else just try to repair options .... Originaly was windows 8.1 But i did upgrade to win10. So this tablet is completely bricked?


Windows 10 does not use swm files.

However all is not yet lost. Actually reinstalling Windows 10 is much easier than recovering 8.1, as you can now use the bog standard windows 10 installation iso.

You will need to update some drivers afterwards, but these can be downloaded on this site in the Command Centre on homepage.

The standard iso will install enough of the required drivers to be able ti use the tablet with a usb mouse and keyboard.

Before you start, you will need a usb hub (preferably powered), usb keyboard, usb mouse, and an OTG cable.

You need to create a bootable 32bit windows 10 usb stick (on another pc), from ... /windows10

and then you can reinstall windows 10.

Make sure tablet is fully charged.

You will need to get to bios (power plus volume up key?), and boot from usb stick.

Select custom install and skip any key on entry.

Once installed, it should activate automatically. If not, you can activate using Windows 8.1 key if necessary.

Finally, you will probably need to reinstall some drivers (eg touch, camera, rotation sensor).
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Re: [Guide] USB Recovery drive not working? Try this...

by PACOLETAS » April 22nd, 2016, 7:46 pm

i just wanna say thanks, i been fighting with a stupid Vulcan Excursion xb tablet, trying to reinstal windows 8.1 from my original usb recovery backup, and follow this tutorial and works for me, i have touchscreen issues, looks like wrong calibration or inverted, but when i try to reinstal the original drivers there are some error messages, aparently there is no way to modify the Windows registry, any ideas?

thanks, i try to write english, is a bit dificult to me, i dont have too much practice writen english, so if i made a mistake please forgiveme. saludos desde mexico.
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