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[Guide] How to greatly improve video playback colours.

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[Guide] How to greatly improve video playback colours.

by whoozzem » March 25th, 2016, 4:24 pm

I only just bought my Linx 8 (mostly for use as a media player) and I like it but I have to admit to agreeing with the online reviews which said colours in videos (especially skin tones) aren't as good as they could be. I find people tend to look a bit pale and pasty.

I searched the forums and didn't manage to find any posts on modifying the intel colour profiles so I just had to use my ipad with retina screen for reference using the same video paused at about the same frame each time and work from there.

What I found was the Linx is quite dull. Reds and purples appear more brown and grey during video playback than they do on the ipad and it was clear the main problem was too little red though I also modified the blue settings as well to account for purples.

Now I've managed to get the colours in videos looking almost 1:1 with the ipad, though where the Linx fails is on highlights. They're rather dim in comparison to the ipad and really should be alot brighter, but they are a good colour match so perhaps it's asking too much from the display. Also while it's not quite as good as the ipad there is the difference between prices so it's rather remarkable it got as close as it did at all.

Now as I said the highlights aren't quite right but overall I would say it's a huge improvement so I figured I'd put this short guide together for anyone else wanting to try it out. That and maybe someone will tweak the settings further and manage to get the brightness just right and post their own settings in the thread.

I've put it in the all Linx tablets' guides forum as I dont know what the other tablets' screens are like and it's possible owners of these may wish to try and improve their video enjoyment using this as a guide.

In the guide we make two profiles to switch between, one for video watching and then one at the default colour settings for everything else since for normal browsing, document writing etc. the video watching profile is too red/brown.

I'd also like to say how impressive it was to try a 4K video on the tablet and how it played it smoothly with no effort (4K YouTube streaming stuttered though).

The Guide:

In you're in desktop mode move your cursor onto an empty area of the desktop, right click and from the menu click on Graphics Properties.

If however you're in tablet mode long press the windows icon, in the right click menu select run, and in the dialogue type:
and click OK.

The Intel HD Graphics control panel will load. Click on the display button.

Now click the word color at the top middle of the window.

Under color enhancement click the multi-coloured striped rectangle and set the:

Brightness: 7
Contrast: 54
Gamma: 1.1

Now click the red rectangle and set:

Brightness to 7
Contrast to 54
Gamma to 1.1

Now click the green rectangle and check the settings are at their default values of:

Brightness: 0
Contrast: 50
Gamma: 1.0

Now the blue rectangle:

Brightness: 6
Contrast: 50
Gamma: 1.0

Now click the bottom right apply button and then click save profile and give it a name such as Movies.

Now click the Restore Defaults button, then the apply button and finally save profile and once again name it e.g. Normal.

Currently I don't know how to switch profiles in tablet mode, however in desktop mode, right click an empty space on the desktop click through the menu:

Graphics Options > Profiles and select the one you want.

Of course remembering to change profiles prior to watching a video is where the real challenge lies ;)
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Re: [Guide] How to greatly improve video playback colours.

by F0LLETT » March 27th, 2016, 6:05 pm

Nice guide. I did alter gfx settings when I got mine, as I to found it dull.
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