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[GUIDE] How to create your own custom clean Win10 USB

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[GUIDE] How to create your own custom clean Win10 USB

by F0LLETT » March 3rd, 2016, 11:54 am

Things needed;

You need to be registered to view this link, please log-in or register (Select the BETA v1.1.0.3600, Download 32Bit version).
Windows media creation tool (Click on Download Tool Now).
You need to be registered to view this link, please log-in or register (Select the RUFUS v2.7 Portable).

Your current drivers from your running tablet;
Backing up the drivers currently being used on your device

Start powershell (admin) and type the following (it can take about 5 mins to complete).
Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination D:\DriverBackup <-Adjust destination as required.

Touchscreen settings;
On your current running system, check inside the windows/inf folder for the (other tablets may name it differently) file.
This is important as without it, your touchscreen will not work. This file may not exist on your tablet, as some do not need extra config files.

Download the iso, using the Media Creation Tool. Make sure you select 32Bit in the options and select ISO as output.
Once Downloaded, double click ISO, it will mount it like a normal drive. Then create a folder on your desktop and name it linx_Win10. Now navigate to the mounted image and drag and drop all files in the folder to our newly created linx_Win10 folder.
Once everything is copied, right click the mounted iso and click eject.

Now install NTLite. Once installed, launch it. Click the add button and point it to the linx_Win10 folder. A new entery will appear in the main window, expand it by click arrow. You will then see install and boot. Expand both of them and you will then see install.wim (two win installations, HOME and PRO) and boot.wim (two preinstall setups, WinPE and Windows Installation).
As we are using home, double click that install.wim, it will then say it needs to unpack it. Say yes. This will take awhile, around 10 to 15 mins.
Once its unpacked and mounted, it will show a green dot next to it and more options will have appear on the left pan.
From the left pan, click components, it will warn you, just say yes. Now at top, there is a windows logo (called compatability) that you need to click. In there tick Touchscreen and USB. Exit out of it and then on left pan, click drivers. At the top, there is a gear icon, click the picture (add folder) and point it to the folder where the drivers are backed up from current setup (as described at top of this guide).
Now if you do have a settings file for touch screen, we need to add it. So click sources in left pan and then right click home install (green dot) and click explore. It will then open up the install.wim for you to add files. Navigate to the windows/inf folder and drop your settings file there. Once finished (very important) close the window.
Now on left pan, click apply and let it do its thing. It will take a awhile again. Once done, right click the Operating Systems | install.wim and click compress to esd. This will then recompress it to esd, which will take awhile.
Now thats the main installation sorted, however you will need to do the same to the two boot.wim files (minus the esd compression).

Once you have completed what you need to do, right click on the linx_Win10 folder in the main window and click make iso. It will then create the iso needed for doing a clean install. Once iso is complete, load RUFUS and click disc icon. Point it to the iso and then make sure filesystem is FAT32 (UEFI can not boot from NTFS). Also make sure Partition scheme is set to UEFI and MBR. Proceed to then click start. It will then prep USB for booting and installing windows with (hopefully with full driver / touch support).

It may take a few times to get everything right, just keep trying. If you need to alter registry, you can take it a step further and use Ultimate Windows 8 toolkit to mount the install.wim (before you recompress it) and edit registry with say the linx rotation key.
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