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Install Android to USB and keep any changes after reboot!

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Re: Install Android to USB and keep any changes after reboot

Postby andyr12345 » July 4th, 2016, 9:38 pm

OK im having awful trouble installing this on my Linx10 Tablet - well not so much the installation, I am installing it fine but when I start up the tablet instead of getting the blue menu where I can select android/android debug or windows I dont get that selection screen. When I turn on tablet it boots straight into windows 10, even though I have android installed correctly (and I said yes to Grub and Grub2) I have gone through every step but there is an extra step I have where it says 'do you want to format boot partition' (as in pic) and im frightened to do this just in case it mucks up windows 10 and i cant get win 10 to load/boot up . so I choose 'no' - I dont get the message 'part type 8300' either after selection the partition. before 'do not format'

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