YouTube Lite - A standalone solution for old hardware!

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April 5th, 2017, 4:04 am

Hello everyone,
This is a little off topic so I hope I'm in the right forum section.

Anyone with an old notebook laptop will know how unusable YouTube is no matter what browser they try to use. YouTube would always freeze up and videos would play at about 15-20 FPS. I personally own an old HP mini 1000 with a single core Intel Atom N270 CPU + 1GB RAM and I have these exact problems. That's why I developed this program.

YouTube Lite is a speedy lightweight program I developed, it is optimized to run on old hardware.
A perfect solution for those who are having frame rate issues and/or lag with the YouTube website.

With YouTube Lite I'm able to watch YouTube videos again at 30 FPS with no lag issues. YouTube is now nothing but smooth and responsive!

Here is a video I made for it showing off it's features;

For more information please watch my video.

The download link is in the description of the video, I'll not post it here as I'm unsure if it's against the rules or not. :)
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