Is this the source of Linx devices?

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November 28th, 2015, 6:32 pm

I'm fully aware that the Linx 1010 (and other models) are branded OEM devices, so I've been trying to find the supplier - or possible supplier. I was curious about the profit margin :?

I've just (tonight) purchased the 1010 with keyboard and have been looking on a well known OEM supplier for a potential match, and I think I've found one.

CPU: Z3735F 1.83GHz
Display: 10.1"
OS: Windows 10
Camera: 2MP F, 5MP R (I've seen this on a lot, the 5MP is a 'boosted' version and generally terrible - 2MP will be the proper sensor).
Stereo speakers, WIFI, etc.

Differences: 1 full size USB, looks like the keyboard is different - I've seen three pictures of the 1010/1010B and all of them have a different keyboard/tablet combination.

Cost: $80 per unit

Not posting a link in case the admin thinks I'm advertising.
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