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10v64 owner

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10v64 owner

by Cliff » January 21st, 2017, 5:35 am

For some reason known only to my subconscious and a suspicion of making myself visible will bring down the wrath of the gods I didn't post an introduction but here it is... try to hold back your understandable excitement :|

Hi everyone. :)

I bought my tablet for a bit of fun with GTAV without having to stream it. That came with high requirements so this was my tablet of choice for the cost. It needs 64bit Windows, enough space to hold the huge game (I used a 128GB U3 MicroSD and the slot is reported to work with 200GB) and with as speedy a quad core CPU that I could get for my budget. It ran smoother than expected playing online without game mods at above 7 FPS (yes you read that right, a magnificent seven frames per second). Fantastic graphics and installing Bitsum's free CPUBalance seems to have pretty much fixed it so that I can drive a car at its top speed continually.

The tablet amazingly doesn't overheat while playing according to HWMonitor which was a huge and pleasant surprise considering it only has passive cooling. Oddly it tested best in the benchmarks on the default Intel graphic setting of Balanced, good news for anyone that wants the best graphic speed without losing battery saving options, in this game on this model of Linx anyway. Crysis 1 is much more playable and San Andreas runs full speed with antialaising off and everything else max so that's fun too.

The tablet has it's few limitations but it's more portable than a laptop and I'm happy with the quality. The limits I noticed by the way are the 2.4GHz built-in wifi and bluetooth don't like working at the same time (plugging in a 5GHz wifi stick should work around that for now if wanted but I'm ok as is) and maybe it doesn't have a GPS (I noticed it set disabled in the UEFI) but I haven't checked because I don't care, it takes my location from wifi. Ram speed is only at 1066Mhz maybe because of the type used, but my guess is they're playing safe so that the temperature doesn't cause the CPU to throttle which would be a sensible choice, 4GB is a lot of ram for a tablet and it's overall speed that matters.

This is my 12th post, 13th if you count the one I deleted and remade with edits to a different sub-forum but that would be unlucky so not doing that. Okay about to submit, besides now I've greeted you all and spent ages typed this instead of sleeping what could possibly go wrong ?
go wrong ?
go tzzzzt
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Linx User
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Re: 10v64 owner

by Popc0rn » January 31st, 2017, 5:11 am

I'm going to check out that CPU Balance, thank you. 8-)
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Linx Nerd
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