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Looking For Original Linx 10 Tempered Glass Protector & Case

PostPosted: January 6th, 2017, 7:20 pm
by loulou
Hello All,

My sister has the Linx Leather (same chassis as the original Linx 10). Thought I would look out a tempered glass screen protector and a case for her. Idly assuming accessories for the older Linx 10 would be easier to find, and cheaper.

Hm, maybe not!

I can see this Tempered Glass Protector at £3.99 (listing says it's for both the 10, and the 1010, do they have the same size screen?)

And she likes these sort of cases (colour not really that important):

The Black Linx 10 case is £9.99, other colours are more expensive: ... B00SFJITUQ

Does anyone have cheaper alternatives to offer, please? :) Thanks :)