Feedback: Kamor 8" microUSB Keyboard Case

Give your Linx 8 some new accessories!
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April 15th, 2015, 12:17 pm

Purchased few days ago the Kamor 8 Inch Universal PU Leather Stand Tablet Case Cover with Keyboard + Micro USB Keyboard with Touch Screen Stylus Pen

Link: ... ge_o00_s00

Cheap but unfortunately doesn't fit that well on top where it gets a bit loose. There is only one position that you can set it which is where the usb is to the right side. If you turn around the conector will stay at the same height as the left support from the case.
With this you sacrifice a few things. The volume and power button are below, which is hard to reach when you want to turn the tablet on/off.

If you are just looking for a stand case with a cheap keyboard that connects through microUSB then you should go ahead.
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