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Image backup of Linx 8

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Image backup of Linx 8

by danskeman » July 13th, 2015, 8:36 am


I have read many of the posts about making image backups of a LINX 8.and had not been able to get a clear understanding if it is possible. I know you can reset the Linx 8 to its original state using the recovery partition etc.

I read quite a few web pages on other wimboot PCs and I found one that (cant remember url) that indicated if you do not mess up the basic partition layout structure, you could just backup the C drive partition only.

The biggest issue seemed to centre around booting a USB in 32bit EUFI mode. Many backup programs simply assume 32bit PCs only use legacy bios. However the great program Macrium Reflect Free can handle 32 bit EUFI.

So I did following:

1. Created a Linx8 recovery usb stick in case all went pear shaped (also using imgburn made an iso of usb stick and backed up to another PC as a second failsafe).

2. Installed Macrium Reflect Free (MRF) on Linx 8, and did a full backup of the "main drive" to the SD card.

3. Created a MRF USB stick.

4. Checked Linx8 would boot to MRF
(shutdown Linx 8 and restart pressing power + volume up, and then selecting boot options --> usb)

This booted fine, but then I ran into a couple of minor difficulties - MRF would not recognise the SD card where I had stored the MRF backup. Also, the touch screen did not work. So I had to reboot to PC in normal mode, and copy image files to a separate USB stick. I attached MRF usb stick, the stick with image, and a usb mouse to LInx8 using a USB hub. This worked fine - I could now see backup, and mouse worked.

I rebooted PC and removed an application that was easy to reinstall as a test. So if recovery worked as I hoped, the application would be also recovered (as in backup file).

5. Rebooted PC and booted to MRF

6. Selected image file from usb stick.

7. NOW the important part - I only selected the C partition for recovery,

8. Did a (C drive only) recovery - took a few minutes. Fingers crossed at this point.

9. Rebooted PC and it worked! My C drive was fully reinstated and the application I had deleted was recovered as well.

So, I now have a way of backing up the C drive periodically, and can recover from most situations without having to start from scratch and reinstall all the apps etc.

I have yet to try and do a full image recovery (i.e. all partitions) using MRF. Not sure if that will work but I might give it a try soon when I am feeling reckless enough.

In principle, even if I had a major disaster and wiped the whole "main disk", I think I should be able to recover the PC to it's original state and then just recover the C drive. My understanding is that the other partitions are not altered - even updates etc. go on C drive.
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Re: Image backup of Linx 8

by Tone4 » November 4th, 2016, 11:48 pm

When you take an image of the c drive, also grab the 100mb partition as that has the activation key in it.
It might not be so important with a legit copy of win 10, but i remember i had to do that with win 7.
I got a Linx v64 last week - i'm just about to take an image of the 3 partitions and a 5gig partition i created, so 4 in all, then i'm going to delete all of the partitions and put windows 7 on there.
I know i'll probably lose touch capability but i want to see how 7 likes it.
In the end i'll put 8.1 on - cos i hate windows 10.
Thanks for the info, even though i knew what you did would work on a computer, i'm pleased to see it worked on a tablet.
If anyone else is thinking of deleting the partitions for gods sake don't do it on a 32bit EFI kicking into a 64. You need a 64bit EFI and a 64bit processor, most of the Linx tablets are 32 bit (i've got 3 of them now and i LOVE them) - I hope they are british, cos i can see them going worldwide.
All the best!
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